elegir el sistema de montaje solar para reducir el costo de la electricidad 2015-09-15

These days, a growing number of people are keen on the solar mounting system. The solar mount is really popular and not so costly. If you are really interested in saving your electricity costs, you must invest in a solar mounting system. When it comes to a solar mounting system,thetriangular mounting support is a must. Every year,costs of electricity are increasing and therefore,the solar mount is the only alternative of reducing costs. Sunlight is free and inexhaustible,which is the main advantage of using such system.

SunRack Triangular Mounting Support

So this is like a free for life powerhouse. Just think of the savings you shall be making per month on power bills without reducing electricity consumption. If this is not sufficient reason for you to go ahead and install a photovoltaic panel, think of the contribution you are making towards saving the environment.If you study properly, these photovoltaic cells and ground mount panels were quite costly. However, with mass production the costs have come down drastically and they have come down to a range affordable by all. While the readymade panels are still a bit costly, nothing like what they used to cost before, the do it yourself kits are relatively affordable.

A basic knowledge of using a soldering iron is more than sufficient to set up and configure such kits. When solar mounting system power is being converted into electric power, there are no harmful emissions. The low cost of these kits ensure that they pay off for themselves in just a few months of use.Now these kits are available at quite a number of stores or you can also search the Internet for them and order them online. Basically you need solar panels and solar ground mount in which to affix the panels. These mounts are lightweight and constructed of aluminum and can be easily adjusted for both summer and winter.

A battery is also required for storing the power generated by the panels during the day. You also need to invest in a trickle charge controller that ensures that the batteries are neither overcharged nor undercharged. They stop the flow of current if the charge of the battery goes beyond a permissible limit and ensures flow of current only when the battery charge has dropped below that limit.You will also require an inverter for converting AC power to DC power. Though deep cycle batteries are best suited for the purpose, if you are on a budget, you can go in for the ones that are used by golf carts. You will require roughly 6 of such batteries for saving power from the photovoltaic cells during the day and then supplying them to your house during the night. The location of the solar mounting system is an important issue.

These panels of the solar mounting system are powered by sunlight. Therefore,it is necessary to locate it in such a place where they are exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight without physically moving them.The solar south direction is ideal and will ensure that your panel gets exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight without being physically moved. If you want to buy the panel or the compenents,such as triangular mounting support or shingle roof flashing hook and so on,it is vital to choose a reliable manufacturer to save money and get good quality. More information at sunforson.

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  • base de hormigón solar montado en tierra

    Sunrack concreto basado en el montaje en el suelo

    El montaje solar de base de concreto SunRack es una solución de montaje en suelo altamente versátil que se puede aplicar ampliamente en instalaciones de paneles solares comerciales y de servicios públicos.

  • instalación de paneles solares

    sistema de montaje de lastre solar

    El sistema de montaje de balasto SunRack adopta un triangular plegable para ahorrar costos tanto en la instalación como en el transporte. Sin penetración en la azotea.

  • estructura de montaje para carport

    sistema de montaje de parque solar

    SunRack solar parking parking solar mount se puede diseñar como una sola fila y dos hileras. version.it adopta la tecnología de estructura de soporte triangular, que es muy fuerte y segura.

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