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How to Install Solar Panels in the Right Way 2015-08-24 15:47:27|admin

Nowadays,inb some residential or commercial places, solar panels are used to provide some electricity. In fact,it is generated from the sun. But how to install them safely?Then,actually,they are set up on a roof by adjustable solar mounting brackets. Apart from the point,you also should know installing solar cells must be careful enough to prevent leaks or other problems. Of course,only professional staff with specific roofing skills could install this to avoid harm to your commercial or residential place.

SunRack Adjustable Solar Mounting Brackets


When installing solar panels, there are some things that you'll need like a drill, bolts, roofing caulk or tar, thin film clamp and solar panel jacks. Looking for the perfect spot where there's enough sunlight to generate these panels will be an excellent idea in installing these panels. First, you need to detect your roof studs. In most houses, stud rafters are installed 16 inches from the end of the roof. So you need to mark the range to locate where to put the brackets. You need to align these brackets on the rafters across the roof with a marker or a chalk to keep them in a straight line. When these brackets are in place, you need to drill a hole on the rafters using the brackets as the lead. You need to affix each bracket with steel crews and a power drill to the rafters. By using the roofing tar or the caulking, this will avoid leaks on the panels.


When you purchased these solar power panels, they come along with galvanized volts or stainless steel to be able to use to secure the solar panels to the brackets. Connect each solar panel with metal screws or bolts. Now you can connect the solar panel cables to the electrical inverter. A power inverter that converts DC current to AC current must be connected to the wiring from the charge controller. Using the rail mounting system, you can now secure your solar power panels into your roof to prevent leaks. Operate a conduit from the inverter to your house's breaker box that will generate electricity to the chosen electrical loads inside your house. There's an exact instructions of installing these panels when you purchase these solar panels.


One tip that can help you with these solar power cells is that you can tilt it slightly upward direction to obtain optimum sunlight. Making sure that there isn't any shade that can cover some of your solar cells will be a great help. If you want to prevent accident in installing these solar cells, try to contact an electrician that can do this job for you.


If you use solar power cells at your home,you will surprisingly find that it can help reduce your electricity bill every month. Even more,we now advocate to protect the environment by using the green energy. Therefore,solar panel system will be of great help not only to you, but for the environment as well. Hence,in order to keep a good and healthy environment,you can take solar panel system into consideration. More information at sunforson.

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